A poem

Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

So much chaos
In cacophony
Dwelling in visible
Silence, the world
Intrudes, flooding in, gentrifying
The senses, probing the synapses
Until they bleed. The sun,
A softly warm bandage, hangs
In brief apology as the best of day
Is shorn of its indigenous beauty. …


Photo by Jené Stephaniuk on Unsplash

Where it
Was love
In the songs
That swim
Between us
Drumming up dreams
That tango
Between shadows
We savor like time
And its moments
Patiently waiting
Even as moonbeams sing
And the angels swing
Down on a chariot
Of conflagrant horizons
Anointing us with clouds
Of stardust that rain passion
For love is not a tug of war
But a walk to where we've not
Been before, to be continued... …

A dream in the form of a Fibonacci

Photo by Sergio Rota on Unsplash

The sky, so
Much of it waiting
To engulf my soul endlessly
Welcoming. And, no matter how far I
fall, there will
Always be the memory of earth standing
still in dialogue with its moon shadow
Demanding to be understood, so deeply
vacant as space opens up falling
without moving, sinuously serpentine
in flight towards the
Sun spiraling in and out of muse echo
blues in real-time, opening up
the possibility that we've all been here
before — if only we knew where here
was and how to find it, life would be
a dream worth remembering.

When the Earth makes love

Photo by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

When the Earth makes love

We lavish in it — dancing
Into the mystic, building
A better day, reaching
For the sun, and riding
The waves of the Milky Way
In search of tomorrow
When tides change
Full sail, onward
Into the dawn

To where the girth

Of Mother Earth
Shifts within her
Tectonic hips
And the volcanoes
Of her many beaus
Meet her oceans
In orgasmic
Proportion, and water
Cools the lava and ash

After the eruption.

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