In echoes of eclectica

Photo by Jung Ho Park on Unsplash

Photo by kwan fung on Unsplash

Works Selected for Curation by Medium

Art by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Variations on a theme

Art by Elle Justine

Self-portrait in a confluence of three voices

Pic of Louis Armstrong in Egypt

A dance with my ancestors

I want my poetry to sing

Author Screenshot

1) The vision seeks the man.

2) Writing is the urge to tell folks about it.

3) History is a people’s memory.

A nonet in recognition of NaPoWriMo

Photo by Selvan B on Unsplash

For Pharoah Sanders, Chick Corea & John McLaughlin

Photo by Katarzyna Pypla on Unsplash


#21stcenturygrio | with imagination as my 6th sense and soul as my quintessence, I am an alchemist of prosody |

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