Monthly Prompt №2: May — The Golden Shovel

Picture by Noel P

~After Langston Hughes

Poetry is something to hold
Onto forever, rather than let go of fast
It is nothing but music to
Fill the air with a revolution of dreams---
An opus of the mind, by the body, for
The soul, as if
These dreams
Were the die
Cast from the brilliant tides of life
In a dance with earth, wind and fire. …

Art by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Art by Elle Justine

A collaboration within myself

Photo by Ilse Orsel on Unsplash


The marquee moon
Wades in the umbra of her
Twilight garden,

Grasping the final moments
Of obscurity.

She will touch them
The upturned face or bowed head
Bathe them in silver

Slowly caressing before
Dawn breaks naturally

As dissolution of the eclipse
Makes solution 
Into flower.

The blooming dissolution
Flutters before it is time…

Restless ticking in her
Twilight sleeplessness
Mirrors the dawn.

Breached abyss
Alluring all

Into an unending peace
Kissed by a dark light.


Love is the beacon
Of brighter days and blessings
To come tomorrow…

Blessed be this life of mine Of which is refined by…


#21stcenturygrio | with imagination as my 6th sense and soul as my quintessence, I am an alchemist of prosody |

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